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February 6: PerfoTec at Tech Stage Fruit Logistica

Come and watch our talk at the Tech Stage on February 6 from 11.30-12.30 during the Fruit Logistica in Berlin. The talks on the Tech Stage are accessible to all visitors of the Fruit Logistica. During this talk PerfoTec’s Business Development Director Andrew Sharp will take you along in our mission to improve quality and reduce waste in fruit vegetable chain from grower to consumer.

PerfoTec runner-up in the European Business Award for the Environment

With its solution for extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, the Dutch company PerfoTec has been named as a runner-up at the ceremony of the prestigious European Business Awards for the Environment.

Positive recommendation by innovation center ADESVA

The Spanish innovation center for agro technology Adesva conducted in 2013 and 2014 several tests with the PerfoTec system. In that time they have achieved promising results in extending the shelf life of strawberries and raspberries.

PerfoTec celebrates 10-year anniversary

Much has happened the past 10 years. What started with an idea to extend the shelf life of Brussels sprouts has grown to a system that doubles the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. A system that continuous to expand, and is quickly becoming the standard in the field of packing fruit and vegetables. It fits in perfectly with the current focus on reducing food waste and addresses the price pressure that effects all parties involved in the fresh produce sector.

Grapes: +7 days extra shelf life

Commercial table grapes are usually packed in a package with macro perforations. The shelf life is generally short, so the in-store waste is relatively high. The shelf life of grapes is mainly affected by weight loss, discoloration of the stems, mold and soft, crushed or rotting grapes in the packaging.

PerfoTec broadcasted at Dutch television

Today we are in the spotlight at Toekomstmakers (Future Makers), a program on the Dutch channel RTLZ. Toekomstmakers is about innovation, ambition and entrepreneurship in a weekly program and online. In the item you see the PerfoTec system in operation with one of our clients in the UK. Watch the movie.

PerfoTec nominated for the European Business Awards for the Environment

Out of more than 150 applicants, originating from the 22 European members states an candidate countries, PerfoTec is one of the 17 nominees for the European Business Awards for the Environment and is selected for the products and services category.

Marks & Spencer implements the PerfoTec system with all its UK soft fruit suppliers

Recently Marks & Spencer (M&S) and their UK soft fruit suppliers have started with the Respiration Control System from PerfoTec to reduce in-store waste. Beside the major cost saving this is a major step forward in addressing the global issue of food waste.

PerfoTec expands team – update

To meet the growing demand, PerfoTec has expanded the team with Ivo Hendriks as Commercial Director, Andrew Sharp as Business Development Director, Isabel Verhulst as Customer Support and several new international representatives.

PerfoTec nominated for the Succesfactor tv Award

PerfoTec is one of the “top companies” that have been nominated for the Succesfactor tv Award. Each year this award is handed out to the most successful entrepreneur.

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